Online Coaching

How it works:

  • Heal your relationship with food, emotionally & physically.
  • Heal your gut, cleanse your liver and reboot your system.
  • You will learn to cook healthy and delicious meals with a free ebook.
  • Enable you to reach your balanced weight, learning new habits to eat well for life.
  • Learn to listen to your body.
  • Management how stress effects the body & how to overcome stress via simple measures and strategies.
  • To live sugar free and use healthy food options.
  • I suggest some tips or lifestyle changes that will move you towards reaching your goals.
  • Have a restorative and deep sleep each night.
  • Balance your hormones.
  • Feel less guilt, fear and anxiety around your wellness.
  • We will also discuss your progress, troubleshoot if needed, and I will educate you on new topics with another set of actions to focus on.

What does my program include?

  • Free 15 minutes complimentary consultation.
  • One initial consultation (60 minutes) where I will assess your struggles and understand a full background on any conditions and health issues that you've encountered, your relationship with food, past diets you have tried, what works and what doesn’t, your health history, what is challenging you and what you are looking to improve in order to recognize patterns, manage priorities. With this consultation I will be able to tailor a plan specific for you.
  • 6 sessions / 50 minutes: (2 per month) we will go over the program I created and constantly reassess your goals and your progress.
  • Integrate healthier food, learn which foods are most beneficial to your health and so much more.
  • A foundational plan to achieve your health goals and determine key areas of improvement.
  • Creating positive thought patterns and releasing limiting believes.
  • Establishing a daily routine.
  • Ways to practice selfcare.
  • Finding your purpose.

Additional Perks! What you get:

  • Weekly call or text support.
  • Grocery store tour - learn how to be a smart shopper in the grocery store of your choice. Together we will discover how to read nutrition labels and make informed product choices.
  • Fridge and pantry overhaul via Zoom.
  • Free ebook with health recipes.

Let's chat! Start with your complimentary health consultation today!